Friday, October 30, 2009

Shopping for a Halloween Costume

I hate to go out and buy off the rack (or out of a bag) Halloween costumes because I feel like its a waste of money if I'm never going to use it again. So, I ended up at the Salem Center Mall looking for something that would make me look like a 1920's mobster. I've already got the pin-striped suit look, I really just needed the accessories.

And I found just what I was looking for at JC Penney.

That place constantly amazes me with the deals I find. I always think of that store as an "old lady's" store, but it's got some pretty cool stuff. I found the perfect fedora for my costume and another member of the Salem Halloween Mafia (a.k.a. the friends I lured into my costume idea) found a pinstripe suit on clearance. My fedora may have been $20, but it is WAY cooler than the $10 fedoras at the costume store that I would never wear again. So, in cost-per-wear, I got a steal.

You can check out my costume at the Pub Crawl downtown this very night in Salem, Oregon! :)


KandN said...

Your costume was awesome! :>)

Penney's used to be where we'd head whenever N needed something in formal attire, but sometime in the past 2 years they stopped offering professional assistance. We were pretty disappointed over that, but probably not nearly as disappointed as the man who had spent over 20 years in that position. :>(

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