Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hello, High St.

So, I went to DaVinci's for Happy Hour the other day with "the ladies" to whom you'll be introduced at a later date. It was delicious and fun and a great time, but what struck me was how cool that whole High St block is becoming. It used to be just DaVinci's and Fuji Ricetime with the Elsinore to back up their coolness. Now we've got La Capitale on the corner, Capitol Dog (which sells borscht and other delicious central European goodness!), Jonathan's which is looking pretty snazzy from my peeks in the window, Sushi Topia - the sushi train, and Pita Pit. I mean, my goodness, that's enough for dinner every night of the week plus an old time movie on Wednesday at the Elsinore. What a cool little block in an even cooler city. You rock, Salem Oregon!


The Mulligan Family said...

Oh! Sushi-Topia?? A sushi train!! How exciting. I must have missed that on my ventures down High St. I'll have to look for THAT!

Rebekah said...

Yes, Sushi Topia is actually located around the corner on State St. between Pita Pit and La Capitale. Try it. I'll have to post about it one day soon.

Lynn D. said...

The most amazing thing happened to me while having lunch at Fuji Rice Time recently. I was seated by the window and looked up from slurping my udon to see a hawk swoop down from the Elsinore parapets and impale a pigeon. There was blood and feathers and I felt that I had witnessed something really primal.

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