Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Go-to Places

What are your go-to places for dinner/drinks in Salem? When a friend asked for happy hour ideas the other day, the first three places I thought of were La Capitale, Venti's, and Boon's. Those are kind of my go-to places, I guess. I never really thought about it before, but I started to wonder what made those my go-to spots. All I really know is that I feel happy and comfortable in each of those places. Of course there are many other spots I love around town - f/stop Fitzgerald, Pete's Place, Sushi Kyo, La Margarita Express, Thai Beer, Vietnam Restaurant, etc, etc.

But when put on the spot, my first three spots were La Cap, Venti's, and Boon's. And I know I'm not the only one who loves these places. Tell me, friends and Salemites, why do I love them so much?

By the way, we ended up at Venti's, drinking Anthem's Cherry Cider. OMG. Just try it. That's all I can say.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Camping Trip to the San Juan Islands

So you want an island vacation, but you don't want to buy plane tickets? Here's an idea. Drive up to the San Juan's off the coast of Washington and have yourself a perfect island vacation. Okay, so it isn't Hawaii or Fiji or anything tropical, but it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It actually reminded me a lot of Scandinavian landscape in countries like Norway and Finland.

I just happened to pick a weekend that had absolutely gorgeous weather! I'm pretty sure it was up in the high 80's most of the time we were there. Being so far north, and on the water, it doesn't always get that warm.

We camped at Odlin County Park on Lopez island which is right on the beach and was perfect for watching the sunset, the meteor showers, and just chilling. It is a primitive campsite with pit toilets and water, but the friendly little town of Lopez Village was only 3 miles away and supplied public showers in the park in town. It was so nice to be able to get clean after a day of hiking and exploring in the warm sun!

One of my favorite parts of the Lopez Village was a bakery called Holly B's. While we were waiting for the shower we'd head over for some coffee and a bakery item and sit on the porch with the other tourists and locals. We also checked out the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and learned a little about the island and its inhabitants (lovely, quirky people).

Inter-island ferries were free to walk on, so we made a couple of trips to Friday Harbor to eat dinner and take in the sights. The marina there is beautiful and there are lots of restaurants and bars along the waterfront to have a beer or a bite to eat and watch the world go by.

I would definitely recommend a road trip up to the San Juan's. It takes about 5 hours to get to Anacortes, WA where you pick up the ferry and if you're lucky you won't have to wait 6 hours for the late ferry like we did! Be advised, ferries run on island time and are often full, late, or otherwise inconvenient to modern timetables. But totally worth it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Torta Report 2

So far this Torta from Jr's Taqueria on Fairgrounds Rd has the tastiest tortas! I got the carne asada with everything on it. The "everything" includes tomato, lettuce, onion, avocado, and jalepenos. The bread was toasted but could have been toasted a bit more for a crispier texture, in my opinion. All in all I would eat a torta here again... except I have so many other places to try!
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Support Salem Cinema

All right folks, by now many of you have heard that Salem Cinema (and theaters in general) are having a hard time staying in business. Personally, I love being able to see an array of films for a reasonable price right in my little ol' hometown of Salem. I would like to continue doing so. With that in mind, I'm organizing a little Support Salem Cinema event or two. The local Twitter gang has been chatting about times and dates that might work for the most people. Obviously, we can't fit everyone's schedule, but it looks like the most popular times are this Thursday, August 5th, and next Tuesday the 10th (this date has the most votes so far). Here is what I'd like to propose:

Two Salem Cinema support groups. One Thursday for anyone who is available on short notice, and one next Tuesday to give you a week to prepare. I know this is quite a radical suggestion, but I think it might work. :) You can come to one or both nights. Doesn't hurt to support them twice!


  • Meet at Salem Cinema at 7 PM for snacks and socializing
  • Pick a movie (There are 3 that start at 7:45)
  • Watch your movie
  • Discuss with friends afterwards at Boon's if you wish (optional, but always fun!)
Leave a comment below to RSVP. Hope to see you all at one of these nights!

P.S. They have some deals going on. Check the website before you go so you don't miss out. Go to http://www.salemcinema.com/index.html or click on the image at the top.