Monday, December 6, 2010

Venti's on Sunday Evening

I seem to be on a theme lately. What is open and when in the downtown area of Salem?

Well, Venti's is open on Sundays. Yesssss! I get really excited about this sometimes because there are so few options on Sundays downtown. What I really hope is that the word is getting out and that people will come down and patronize this excellent establishment.

I met a friend there last night for a little bite to eat at about 7:00 PM. There were 4 tables of 2-4 people upstairs and 5 or 6 people in the basement bar. It was a nice relaxing time. I had a cider and my friend tried a couple of different beers. Since it wasn't busy the bartender on duty, Nick, had time for suggestions and tastings of the beers and cider on tap. We also ordered food which was delicious, as usual.

If you've ever been to Venti's and thought it was just a little too crowded in that cozy basement bar, you should really try it on a Sunday. They are open from 4-10 Sundays and it's just right for a nice, relaxed Sunday evening meal. And there's always PLENTY of parking downtown on Sunday evenings!