Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm in the Clear!

I am very excited! I got internet at home yesterday. Thanks to Clear. I'm pretty happy with the experience so far, although I've only had it one day.

Here's how it happened. I've been thinking about getting Clear for awhile, because I don't have cable at home or a home phone anyway, and with Qwest and Comcast you have to wait for someone to come over and set you up with the service. So, I walked down to the Salem Center mall and talked to the lady at the Clear booth. She was easy to work with and answered all my questions. She checked to see what kind of signal I would get at my house and said it was better than the one she has in her booth. I looked over the packages and decided on the $30 per month deal, which is their cheapest package. I paid for my first month, she gave me the box and I walked home with it. This took all of about 20 minutes.

Later in the evening, I set up my new internet. It took all of about 10 minutes including opening the package and finding a plug in, which was probably the hardest part at my house. I was pretty happy with the ease of setup and the fact that I get a really strong signal. Those were the two things I was worried about going in.

So, if you need internet in the next 30 minutes or so, Clear is the way to go. 

If you are thinking about going with Clear here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • They require a debit or credit card for billing and pull it directly out of your account. 
  • The home system is a modem but is not wireless within your house unless you buy a wireless modem to go with it.
  • You can check the service at your address on their website before you sign up.
  • You can choose month-to-month or a 2 year contract (which waives the $35 activation fee).
  • If you move, you can take the service with you. If you don't get service where you move, you can get out of the contract, if you chose the contract route.

Andaluz - Tapas and Sangria in Salem

We finally (almost) have a tapas place is Salem! It's been a long time coming in my opinion. Andaluz is located on high street between La Capitale and the Elsinore. It's the new baby of David Rosales, the chef and owner of La Cap. I was invited to a test night on Friday evening and I think it might have been one of the most delicious nights of my life. I can't wait until they are fully staffed and can open for real.

I was much too busy enjoying my food to take pictures, but fortunately Will Bragg was there to capture the moment. Here is a link to his artistic perception of the night.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Really Salem? Really?

Okay, so I usually try to be pretty upbeat about Salem and all that is available here in our little city, but the last few days I've been feeling a little negative about life and people and everything.

So here goes.

Really? First y'all are scared of the pitfalls of backyard chickens and now you can't stand to have music after 10 pm? I listen to the cars and trucks (yes, the big semi trucks with their grating brakes and all!) every night, all night as they pass my house on the city street that just also happens to be a state highway. I listen to sirens, trains, my neighbors vacuuming at odd hours. I hear crazy people yelling at themselves, people yelling at each other, and people yelling into cell phones as they pass my window. I hear dump trucks and street sweepers. I hear cars in need of new mufflers and motorcycles that don't have mufflers. I hear it all. All hours of the day and the night. Why? Because I CHOOSE TO LIVE IN A CITY!

That's my choice. I could live in the quiet country. I could live out in the suburbs where all I would hear was dogs barking. I could live in a small village where everyone slept on the same schedule. But, I want to be close to things, have the convenience of being central, and be in walking distance of almost everything I need. You don't get lots of people in a small area AND no noise. Sorry.

I would dearly love to hear some loud music late at night instead of the trucks outside my house.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Confession: I secretly love playing bingo.

So now that my secret is out, I guess I should explain my bingo love a little. It all started years ago when I was living in Dayton, Ohio. Now, I don't know if you've ever been to Ohio, but there isn't a lot to do there other than watch football, drink Miller Lite, guessed bingo! Okay, there were a couple other things to do, but not a lot. So, a friend invited me to bingo and I went. And I had fun. And then I invited my other friends, and before long we had a little ladies night at the bingo hall going on. We brought snacks, chatted, people watched, caught up on gossip, made up new gossip...and played bingo. Sometimes I miss those days, so I gather up my friends and neighbors and rally the troops for a little bingo therapy!

Saturday night was a bingo kind of night for me. So the friends I had convinced to play with me all met up over at the Boys and Girls Club Bingo on Portland Road. We went to the Hoot Owl session which doesn't start until 11:30 pm. That's right, we really lived it up! Late night bingo, YAY!

No, I didn't win anything. Everyone always asks. Its not about winning. Its about the rituals of bingo. The friends gathered round, the bingo callers silly jokes, daubing the numbers and the anticipation of ALMOST winning.

Don't worry, I'm not going to become a crazy bingo lady with lucky tokens and a personalized bingo bag or anything. Well, at least not until I'm an old lady. :) But it is a fun change of pace for a night out.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Anybody in Salem Love Asian Food?

I do, I do! And because of this, I was recently featured in a local Salem blog that I admire very much, The Get Real Estate Blog. Here's the link to my list of great places to eat a diversity of Asian foods in Salem.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There's a Firepit at f/stop Fitzgerald

I smell like a campfire. I spent Saturday evening at f/stop Fitzgerald on the corner of Liberty and Grove. If you've ever driven by there on a weekend night, you might notice what looks like a party in someone's yard. The f/stop is built in the living/dining/kitchen area of an old house. The rest of the house is used for other businesses. It is quaint and cozy with great decor and the best patio area EVER! They are open Thursday thru Sunday and pretty much every night they are open they have a fire going on the patio and friendly people sitting around drinking great beer. Oh yes, have you heard of the new brewery in town that's winning all kinds of awards? Gilgamesh? Well, f/stop has it on tap. So, I spent the evening with friends around the campfire and now I keep finding things that smell like it. My purse still smells, the jacket I tried to wear this morning will need to be washed, and once in awhile I still smell it in my hair. And I swear I wash my hair!