Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Downtown Late at Night? Hope You're Not Hungry.

You know what's missing in downtown Salem? Well, okay, I know a lot of you will come up with a laundry list as soon as you read that question. But really. You know what is seriously missing? Late night food options. The only thing you can find downtown after about 10 PM is greasy bar food from the fryer.

Now, I have nothing against greasy bar food once in awhile, but sometimes I'd like some other options.

I was downtown with a friend last Friday night and we had a couple drinks and then decided we needed some food. We searched the streets and bars of Salem for someplace with a decent late night menu. Even a sandwich or nachos would have made us happy, but everywhere we went, they told us the kitchen was closed down except for the fryer.

Very frustrating indeed.

I know La Perla is sometimes open late, but by the time we thought of that it was just before closing. We also did not check The Brick, but perhaps someone knows if they have a decent late-night menu.

You know what we really need downtown? Late night food carts! I'd like a grilled cheese cart and a nacho cart, please. And perhaps a good BBQ cart would be nice as well.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

How to Add a Picture

Pedestrian Bridge
This was for a little demo I did. I'll try to add the video walkthrough sometime soon.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nightmare Factory at the Oregon School for the Deaf

Yep. I did it. Stood in line for an hour to scare myself silly at Salem's only haunted house. I couldn't actually believe how much longer the lines were this year than any previous year I've been.

Just in case you somehow missed the memo, Extreme Makeover Home Edition recently redid the Nightmare Factory and the boy's dorm at the Oregon School for the Deaf. They even brought Rob Zombie in to help make the place as scary as possible.

I must say that it's pretty impressive. What I can't say is that it is any scarier than before. In fact, I thought it might be a little less scary.

Two reasons I can see for the less-than-scary vibe I got this year: there was too much light throughout much of the haunted house and there was a lot of technology that looked creepy, but wasn't particularly scary. The scariest part, as usual were the students who work the haunted house every year and creep up on you, follow you down corridors, and generally scare your socks off!

There were a lot of really great props and scenes set up throughout the place, but unfortunately, they were so well done and interesting that I was so busy admiring them I forgot to get scared. Hmmm. Maybe that's just a personal problem.

I really wish they would have had a little dimmer lighting in some spots because I think it would have made the mechanical stuff feel a little more real. And a little scarier. Which is the point of a haunted house, right?

Now, don't get me wrong, I would definitely recommend the Nightmare Factory to anyone who wants a great haunted house experience. I got scared, I screamed, my heart beat a little faster, and I clung to my friend's arm for moral support. It's just now that I'm not in it anymore that I can analyze the fear factor involved.

You should definitely go. If for nothing more than to support the students at the Oregon School for the Deaf.