Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest - Chicken Dance Anyone?

I can't wait for the Oktoberfest this weekend in Mt. Angel. For one, I love Mt. Angel. For two, I love chicken dancing. :) And for three, I love to wander around looking at booths and drooling over delicious dining out of small trailer-like kitchens. It's just a wonderfully campy adventure to the music of accordians and the smells of sausage and kraut.

Oh, plus the drinking. That's fun too, if you're in the mood for a little partying beyong the standard chicken dance in the street by the gazebo pavilion. I think I might try the wine garden this year. I hear they have good music as well as good wine!

Oh, and the people watching at Oktoberfest is always superb. It was even better back in the day, before the ban on grocery stickers (which was really a good thing) when you could watch people coming out of the beer garden covered in the strangest places with stickers that said things like fresh meat or hot. They were banned to keep people from sticking them on building all over town as they left and leaving a mess for the locals. A few contraband stickers always get in anyway, but nothing like the grocery sticker heyday.

This year I am going to do the Oktoberfest 5K run/walk on Saturday morning that supports the local high school track and field team. It's my first one and I am really excited. I hope the rain holds off! Wish me luck. :)


KandN said...

Awesome! Go, Rebekah, go!

Lisa Anne said...

So, for those of us who havn't gone to the Oktoberfest very much, what was the reason behind the grocery stickers? Did a particular vendor hand them out for fun and it caught on? Was it a prank gone wrong or is there real history behind it?

Rebekah said...

Well, Lisa, I'm pretty sure it started with some young men (who probably worked at a grocery store) deciding it would be a good excuse to feel up the ladies at the beer garden as they stuck stickers on. That's my understanding anyway, although I'll try to get some more local lore when I head over there this weekend. I'll be hanging out with the mayor's daughter, so maybe I'll pick his brain. :)

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