Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vietnamese Cuisine in Salem

I am a big fan of Vietnamese food. I just love the flavors and the textures and the smells...soooo pretty much everything about it I guess.

My long time favorite restaurant in the Salem area is Kim Huong's on Silverton Rd. They have great summer (fresh veggies in rice paper) rolls, delicious Bun salad, and the Lemon Chicken is to excellent.

More recently, I discovered Vietnam Restaurant, which is situated just between my home and work, for an easy stop-off for dinner on the go. Vietnam Restaurant is on Center St across from the Rite-Aid parking lot. I must confess I can't say a lot about the variety of food because I've only tried the Bun salad with grilled pork and shrimp. It is just that good. I order it every time! I CRAVE it. So, that is the only thing I order there, and I never regret it. The service here is usually really good. I say usually, because periodically the family's son (looks about 10 or so) has the day off from school or something and decides to take over the serving. Usually his dad doesn't let this go on for too long, but the boy is quite a character, and having him serve you will be an experience you will never forget. :)

Now, for the Super Pho! I have been hearing about it, but the last time I drove by it was still closed (apparently I don't get to Lancaster much). I tried it out the other night for the first time and I must say the pho was super. Super taste, super sized, super service. The one funny thing we noted was that the place was freezing when we walked in. When we said something about it they said we just needed some pho to warm us up. Oddly enough, as we ate it we felt perfectly comfortable, but then when we were done, sitting and chatting, we froze again. It was weird. Who knew hot soup could warm you up 20 degrees or so. So don't plan and hanging out here after the meal is done. It's not a lingering place - unless you bring a blanket.

The server at Super Pho did mention that they are starting their to-go menu and a drive through window soon, so you'll be able to get your pho to-go and enjoy it in whatever temperature you prefer!

Even though we don't have multitudes of places to choose from for Vietnamese food in Salem, we have a few quality spots...and they really hit the spot sometimes. :) Sorry, folks.


KandN said...

Thanks for sharing about your favorites!

Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

I'm a big fan of the lunch buffet at Saigon Restaurant downtown on Court Street. Delicious, fresh food, great ingredients, not heavy or greasy, and of course a fab price! The couple who own it are incredibly sweet & always welcoming. (We were thrilled last winter during the snowstorn when we found Saigon to be the only downtown restaurant that was open!)

Rebekah said...

I keep meaning to try Saigon! I really need to get over there. I've heard good things about it.

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