Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trying to Eat Healthy at Sonic on Lancaster

So, I decided to try out Sonic for the first time the other day. I kept hearing online and from different people that they have one of the most healthy menus for a fast food restaurant. So, I stopped in on my way to Winco to check it out.

I'm not really a fast food kind of girl, but I usually manage to eat something fast-foody once or twice a month (although lately it might be more like once a week. I better watch that!). So, I'm not all up to speed on how to do the whole drive up, car-hop kind of thing. So I pull into a slot, read the relatively easy instructions, "Push button to order," and I order a grilled chicken sandwich (no mayo, bbq sauce on the side) with a diet drink. Big surprise, they have BOTH diet Coke AND diet Dr. Pepper. You don't see that in a lot of restaurants, so I got the Dr. Pepper just for fun. But then, oh then, they asked if I wanted tater tots on the side. Of course I want tots!! How can I order apple slices when they offer me tots?? Right there in the little microphone, they just come right out and say it? Do you want tater tots or...I didn't even hear the rest. So there went my healthy choice right out the window.

Although, out of pure guilt I easily said no to the microphone voice's offer of a Bundt Cake Sundae.

And you know what? The food was pretty good. Well, of course the tots were good, but the chicken sandwich with bbq sauce was pretty satisfying too..

And wouldn't you know it. When they bring you your food, some of them are actually on roller skates.

  • Easy to order, easy to pay - just slide your credit card in the slot next to the mic.

  • They come around with extra sauces and napkins as you sit eating in your car.

  • Trying to balance food and find a flat place to set things down.

  • People tempting me away from healthy eating with tots.


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