Monday, June 22, 2009

A Pedicure Confession

I have a confession to make. As much as I love and support Salem, I often find myself driving all the way up to Portland for a pedicure. And the reason is Vogue Nails II on Broadway. I have never found another place that makes me so happy with my pedicure. A pedicure is a luxury that I really enjoy, and getting one that is just so-so is really disappointing to me. I've tried plenty of spots here in Salem, and some of them are definitely okay. Just not excellent. Not like Vogue Nails. It's the atmosphere, the massage, the scrubbing and scraping of the calloused feet. It's the friendliness, the quality of the polish, the pedicures that just last and last until my toenails grow out. It's all those things and I just keep going back. I don't go up there all the time, but whenever I need to go to Portland anyway, I try to leave myself an hour to get a pedicure at my favorite spot. It's just off the freeway (map), so try it sometime and tell me if I'm just crazy or if this place is actually better than others.


Melina Tomson, MS said...

Have you tried Salon 554 downtown? I'm not a nails person so I'm not a good person to ask, but I get my hair cut there and they are great.

Jill said...

So how much does one hour at Vogue II set one back?

Rebekah said...

I believe it is $24, which is pretty average for around here. My experience with hair salon/pedicure places is that they usually specialize in one OR the other. Maybe not always true, but I like to go places where they are all about nails for my nails, and all about hair for my hair.

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