Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saving the Environment in Downtown Salem

I got my bike out yesterday. Picked it up from it's storage place in my parent's garage (where it has been ever since I was a teenager) and decided to start using it as a mode of transportation. Usually, I walk wherever I can, but I decided a bike could help me get further, faster. A friend brought her brand new bike over and we decided to try them out.

First I decided to try heading over the Union St. Pedestrian Bridge (does that thing have an actual name? I just keep making names up for it!). A word of warning: don't try crossing at Union and Commercial Streets. It's a suicide mission. We went a block north to the crosswalk and had a much better experience. The bridge is great for bikes, and we rode around the park a bit, came back across and decided to head down front street to the Grocery Outlet. My friend had to stay outside with the bikes while I ran in because we forgot to bring a lock (note to self: buy a good bike lock). I packed my groceries into my backpack and off we went again towards home.

It worked out pretty well, except for the fact that I didn't have a bike lock and I'm going to have to make multiple grocery runs, since I cannot carry much in my backpack without being off balance. Either that or get myself a nice bicycle basket!


Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

Good for you Rebekah! It's perfect biking weather. Also, FYI- Salem Saturday Market now has a Bike Valet service ~ no bike lock needed! :)

lavachickie said...

Way to go! I suggest you visit Santiam Cycle--first get a tune-up as your bike's been in storage, and second, ask them about solutions to your carrying need.

I got my bike from them -- and while some of the staff might look like skate punks, they treated me with kindness and respect, and I have to tell ya as a fat girl walking into a serious bicycle store, I had my worries. I got a great bike, and when I needed some carrying options, they had a number of them.

What I added to my bike allows me to carry a bag of groceries on each side of the rear wheel. They are metal baskets that attach to the usual "cargo rail" that you can put on a bike. It actually folds down, however, so it's flat against the bike when not in use. I just pop the clip, fold it out and clip it into place again, and voila, a very durable, sturdy place to put a bag. Put one on each side and you can do two.

Rebekah said...

Thanks for the tips. I do think I might stop by Santiam for a tune-up, a lock, and maybe even a basket. I've been a walker up to this point, but a bike lets me go farther.

MWVBTA said...

It has a name! It's "Union Street Railroad Bridge." We did breakfast on bikes there on Friday. I'm sorry we missed you!

Fixing the intersection of Union & Commercial is one of our priorities - the bridge is essentially orphaned without the connections across Front/Commercial/Liberty and across Wallace/Edgewater.

There's a new bike drill team that's going to enter the Monmouth-Independence 4th July parade. If you're interested, we'll be practicing again on Friday. Stupid bike fun, I tell you!

Rebekah said...

Update: I got a helmet at Santiam Bicycle and they were very kind and helpful. And busy on a warm Saturday!

Union Street Railroad Bridge seems pretty self explanatory. I should have known that. It is kind of long though. Does it have a nickname or should we give it one?

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