Friday, June 26, 2009

Townhouses Behind Salem Cinema

We were walking around the Broadway neighborhood today (what did we ever decide to call that area, anyway?) and decided to stop by and check out the new townhouses going in. I'd seen the brochure for them and gulped at the starting price of $288,000. ARE YOU KIDDING??

Well, today the realtor just happened to stop by while we were peeking in windows and offered a tour. I'm not one to turn down a chance to ogle and drool over a new house, so in we went.

Now, I must admit. They are very nicely laid out. Actually there are three layouts and we got to see two of them. They are about 1800 sq. feet and have nice open floor plans and lots of light. I also liked the fact that they have a two car attached garage and a decent sized deck. Since they don't have much in the way of yards, I think that's really important.

I'm still gulping at the price and I can't see how they're actually going to be able to sell them, beautiful as they are, for that price. Maybe I'm being a little pessimistic, but in this economy and in this location...I just don't see it happening. A few maybe, but 16 lots? I think they're going to have to come down on the price a bit, and I sure hope they factored that in when they were building so the developer comes out okay.

If that's in your price range though, definitely have a look. I think as people move in and start to make the place a neighborhood, it is going to be a nice little spot in a prime location.


Lisa Anne said...

I think it would kind of be cool to live down there. I'm still not so sure about the neighborhood though. That is a pretty high price! I wonder, with the condos on Front St and Commercial, if there are that many Salemites wiling to buy a place downtown, without a yard, for that much money?? I'd rent one of those, but invest in a condo for 5 or more years...I dunno.

KandN said...

I'm still thinking "Jason's Landing".
That was pretty cool getting a tour of the townhouses!

videomash said...

NoBro for the marketers. Space District to the insiders.

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