Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weather For Salem, Oregon

And the weather forcast is...sunny, hot, dry, and clear. Where are we again? Salem, Oregon you say? Accuweather actually uses the words "sunny and delightful" to predict Saturday's weather.

This is great weather. It seems like we usually get a bout of rain around this time of year, but it doesn't seem to be in the immediate future. I'm sure we'll see some rain again before summer weather kicks into high gear, but it looks minimal.

Of course, as a true Oregonian and weather cynic, I always wonder if this good weather now means we're going to have a rainy summer. Somehow I can't quite believe we could be allowed to have 5 full months of sunny weather. But, oh, how I hope we do!


KandN said...

I now forecast by flowers. ;>)
Our peonies will be blooming sometime in the next couple of weeks. Once they're open, the rain usually returns by the third or fourth day.
What I love about forecasting by flowers? People usually forget what you've predicted. Perfect!

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