Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wandering Aengus and a Revolution at Venti's

Finally. I have been hearing wonderful things about Wandering Aengus Cider and I got my first taste of it at Venti's last night. They are not only have it on tap, but are selling bottles of it so that you may enjoy the delightfully refreshing drink at home, as well! It went very well with my Morroccan Beef Plate, which was oh, so satisfying.

And then, off in the other corner was a swelling group of people who sounded like revolutionaries. I'm pretty confident that Salem is going to see some changing times because of this group. It was their first meeting and I think, from the sounds of it, they could slowly, silently rock the boat of the status quo here in our town. And I love it.

Rock on!


KandN said...

Okay, you've piqued my interest. Tell me more about that crowd!

Rebekah said...

Well, I could tell you, but then, you know...I might have to kill you and I really don't want to. :) Those revolutionaries can get a little grumpy when their secrets get out.

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