Thursday, October 21, 2010

Culture Shock!

Have you seen zombies, goblins, and ghosts out and about in the streets of Salem lately? Well, don't worry. Salem hasn't been completely taken over by otherworldly creatures. It's just that some people are excited about Halloween. In fact, so excited that they have started a series of events called "The Thirteen Nights of Halloween."

Culture Shock is a local, grassroots organization that is behind things like Cherry City Derby Girls and Clockworks Cafe. And they are some of those people that get really excited about Halloween.

Personally, the event I'm looking forward to the most is the Friday night Ghost & Underground Tours at the Reed Opera House. Or should I say, UNDER the Reed Opera House. Oooooooohhh. Scary!

Culture Shock has been an integral part of the changes that are occurring the Salem lifestyle. They aren't the only ones looking to make Salem a cooler, more interesting place to live, but they have definitely made a huge contribution to a cooler culture in Salem.


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