Sunday, June 27, 2010

The World Beat Festival

This is me dancing the Toshi Toshi at the World Beat. I have no idea how that is actually spelled, but the Toshi Toshi is a Bhutanese guest dance where everyone dances in a big circle. Its simple to learn and it was great fun to see how many people participated.

I must say I was really impressed with the number of performances throughout the day. And the quality! I had no idea we had so much international talent around here. One of my favorite groups was the dance troupe called Paradise of Samoa. They have found a great way to keep young people interested in their island heritage. The dancers ranged from little ones who were probably about kindergarten age, all the way to adults. Not only was it fun to watch them dance dances from around the pacific islands, but it also looked like they had a lot of fun doing it.

The music choices were also quite good and there were concerts in the amphitheater throughout the day and into the evening, including fire dancing at the end of the night. The amphitheater was a popular spot at the festival and I would say there were at least two to three thousand people in the amphitheater during the last couple of performances.

Now, this makes me wonder: why don't we have concerts at the Riverfront Amphitheater throughout the summer? Its a beautiful location for an outdoor amphitheater - on the river with views of the setting sun. Why aren't we, as Salemites, taking advantage of this? I think its about time to use that amphitheater for a summer concert series. What say you, people of Salem?

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KandN said...

I've wondered the same thing, Rebekah. Albany has a Thursday (?) night series, that's kicked off with local groups and then they bring in other talent. I don't know how they get the money to put it on, because I'm pretty sure there's no charge to attend. N and I have gone with our own picnic and enjoyed watching the children dance.

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