Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Discovered a New Spice!

Okay, I didn't really discover it like Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. I discovered it more like Columbus discovered the new world; lots of people already know about it, but its the first time I've ever seen it.

Sumac is my new favorite spice. I picked it up at the new Downtown Market and Deli on Liberty. I noticed a giant bag of it and thought it must be really popular if it was sold in such large quantities. When I asked the proprietors about it, they enthusiastically explained that it was a spice that could be added to falafel, salads, meats and almost anything. So I decided to pick up a small bag of it and try it out. I got about a cup or so for $2.50 and took it home to try.

It's amazing! I'm serious. It has a fresh, lemony flavor without the sour citrus taste. I've added it to my chicken, sauteed onions with it, and yesterday I sprinkled it on zucchini and put it on the grill. My friends couldn't get enough of the zucchini!

It's actually a pretty mild flavor and just adds a fresh citrus taste to things. It is a pretty dark red/brown color and makes a nice garnish as well as adding flavor.


Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

Oh, awesome! I love sumac! I used to buy it from our neighborhood Middle Eastern store & restaurant in Arizona (Oh, how I miss fabulous & cheap Middle Eastern food!). But I don't think I've had sumac since I moved to Salem 6 years ago. I'll have to explore the new market!

KandN said...

The more I read about it, the more curious I am. One site said you could use it wherever you'd normally use lemon. Plus it's supposed to be good for tummy issues.

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