Thursday, February 11, 2010

Newport, Yurts, and Beer

I went over to Newport this weekend to stay in a yurt with my friend at South Beach State Park. The yurt was warm and cozy and I realized I've never actually been to Newport except for a quick visit in the dark a few years ago.

Sunday was beautifully sunny and we spent the day wandering around the old town and chatting with some talkative sea lions. We wandered down to Mo's where I had a crab sandwich special with chowder. I must admit that I don't love Mo's chowder. I did, however, love their crab sandwich. Mmmm.

We also headed up to the Rogue Brewery for a tour and some tastings. It was a really interesting free tour that they do every day at 3 PM. You really should check it out sometime when you're over at the coast.


KandN said...

When we went to Rogue Brewery, it was all I could do to keep from filling the trunk with beer.

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