Monday, February 1, 2010

My First Fondue

I tried to make fondue this weekend for a party. Well, okay, I actually did make it, but it was quite an adventure. The chocolate fondue turned out great! The cheese fondue...well, it tasted good. Apparently, it's quite difficult to get the consistency right. It was difficult for me anyway.

The first part of my fondue adventure was finding the right cheese. I wanted to try making it from scratch. I tried the Fred Meyer in Keizer, but their cheese selection was sadly lacking, although they did have a fondue mix. Then I headed over to the Roth's in West Salem, and they had not only the correct cheeses for fondue, but they also have chocolate fondue mix in case you don't want to do it from scratch (chocolate was actually really easy though).

I think the problem with my cheese fondue was that it was electric and we lost power for a few minutes in the middle (old houses don't like microwaves!) so it wasn't a consistent heat. Oh well. The good thing is that I have good friends who enjoyed it anyway and we all had a fun time! And that's what really counts.


Simple Simon said...

I have consistency problems with cheese fondue. I've made it correctly once and two or three flops. Well I can't say they were really flops as it all got eaten and tasted great.

Amber said...

I love fondue. I made it for Christmas. Well, Trader Joe's made the cheese fondue, but I made the chocolate with both milk chocolate and dark chocolate chips, condensed milk and maraschino cherry juice. Both were delicious.

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