Friday, January 8, 2010

A Year and a Half of Blogging in Salem

I just realized that I started this, my very first blog, 1 1/2 years ago. A year and a half and 122 posts later I wonder what I have learned about blogging. How has it affected my life? What are my views on blogging now?

I started this blog to learn about blogging and that has definitely happened. I had no idea how blogging would change my life. Okay, I know that sounds corny. And it really hasn't changed all that much. My family is still my family, although now when they haven't seen me for awhile they can check my blog to see what's keeping me busy. My job is still the same although I now use blogging with my students on a daily basis to teach writing literacy skills. My friends are still the same, except for the great new group of blogging friends that I have happy hour with on a weekly basis. My home is still the same except now I don't have TV because I spend most of my allotted time for TV dramas online reading dramatic blogs. I'm still working on my Master's, but since I got interested in blogging I decided to do a degree in Information Technology.

Really, blogging has barely touched my life.

I thought blogging would be a fun little summer project that would give me the info I needed to teach it to my students. What I didn't realize is that blogging is a community like any other. You can either be actively involved in the community, or you can stand on the sidelines. Being involved means creating and regularly updating a blog that has meaning to you and others. It means creating content that will give your readers information, food for thought, or just plain entertain them. It means that you will have some influence, however minor, in the path that your blogging community takes as it morphs with time.

Standing on the sidelines might not sound important, but in blogging it means everything. No blogger wants to fling their words out into the world and just to have them sit there...unread. It's a fate worse than death. The point of blogging is communication. Every blogger wants readers. And ultimately, comments. Which is where the "sidelines" gets a little complicated. As a reader, you can comment and get involved in the blogging world, without ever having a blog of your own. It becomes a conversation among a group of people that care about the same things. And even in our digital, technologized (Yes, I just made that up. I'm a blogger. I can do that if I want!) world, what we all really want is to connect with other human beings.

Blogging is just another way to connect with people outside your normal environment. Blogging is like the Elks Club of the 21st century.


KandN said...

Ooo! I love that!
"Blogging is like the Elks Club of the 21st century."
Blogging makes me feel like I've added another "room" onto my mental house. It's a cozy room filled with people I feel a kinship to.
I'm glad I jumped on the wagon. :>)

Amber said...

I love it too! Now we just need a name for our club!

Jennie said...

I too am amazed at the doors that have opened since I have begun blogging.

Salem Man said...

For me blogging has been a great learning experience. It's an endless exploration of information and ideas. The best thing about it is the moment that a new idea pops into my head and I can't stop thinking about it until I try it online.

Simple Simon said...

Keep up your great blog. Your insights and opinions on our great town are always good to read.

Rebekah said...

Thank you, everyone for the great comments on this post! You guys are the reason I love doing this. You guys are the reason I know my words are floating around in nowhereland. Thank you for all your great blogs as well!

Deb said...

I think you are a great writer and that's why I like to read your blog. Besides the fact that you know SO much about Salem, are really cool and are my sister. Sometimes it just makes me smile or even laugh out loud :)

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