Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Salem Traffic

So, apparently I am spoiled. I live and work downtown within about a three block area and so I usually walk to work. Once in awhile if I have to be somewhere for a meeting or appointment right after work, I drive to work and leave straight from there. That's what happened yesterday and it reminded me of how much I hate rush hour traffic.

I headed from downtown over to Lancaster at about 3:30, so traffic wasn't too bad. I made it in plenty of time even with a stop at Taco Time (which I hadn't been to in YEARS and forgot how totally unhealthy, but absolutely delicious their options were!). Oh, but the traffic at 5:15 when I finished my meeting?? Not good. Not fun. Not in any way.

I had to head to Keizer after the meeting and I think it took me a good half hour. I ended up taking some back roads through residential areas because the traffic was really backed up on the main streets. Good thing I've done a lot of walking and house-hunting in the back streets of Salem so I didn't get lost!

The moral of this story is that commuting sucks. I'm sorry for all of you who have to do it. I'm really happy that I don't usually. I definitely believe in living within walking distance of your workplace. Amen.


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