Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sushi Kyo South Salem

So I tried out the Sushi Kyo out in south Salem this last weekend with my group of sushi friends. We try to get together every few weeks for some sushi and some catching up. We usually meet at Sushi Kyo off Lancaster, although we've tried a couple others in town. There are usually four or five of us and sometimes it gets a little crowded at the booth. Not only that, but its hard to chat when you you're lined up along a conveyor belt, so we usually sit around and wait for a booth to open up.

I was pleasantly surprised to find many more booths at the south location, and not only that, but they are bigger booths, so you aren't crowded into them like fillers in a sushi roll sardines. Just be aware that Sushi Kyo is a popular place and there could definitely be a wait at either location.


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