Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Night at the Cinema

There is just something really fun about Salem Cinema. I love the new building, although I really liked the quirky, old building on High Street as well. I love that the location is close to my home, and that brewer's yeast is an optional add on to your popcorn. Most of all though, I love the quirky movie selections. 

I went to see Young Victoria this week. This is probably one of the least quirky movies I've seen at the Cinema. It was very well done though, and a great period piece which nicely portrayed the vulnerability and strength of a young queen. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to others. Especially if you get a chance to see it at Salem Cinema. 

We went on a Monday evening. There were about 10 people in the theater, but it still felt cozy. My friend got some popcorn with the added brewer's yeast. I also picked up some Cinebucks, aka Salem Cinema gift certificates, as a birthday present for a friend while I was there. They only come in $5 increments, so I got two. I figured it would cover a movie and a small snack. Prices are definitely lower than at big business movies theaters, so you can actually afford to watch a movies AND eat a snack. 

One thing I noticed about the previews was that they were absolutely unhelpful. I had read reviews on a couple of the movies previewed and I still couldn't figure out what the previews had to do with the story. The previews seemed to consist of random images from from movie without any real point. So, save yourself some energy and just check out the reviews on the website.


Amber said...

So what flavor does brewer's yeast bring to popcorn? Do they still do Parmesan? That was always my favorite. We haven't made it to the new location yet.

Rebekah said...

I don't know about Parmesan. I'm sure they still do though. The food and prices have stayed about the same in the new location. It's a great new place! Definitely try it out.

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