Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Land of Sun and Snow

I went over the mountain to Central Oregon for Thanksgiving. My family rented a place at Eagle Crest and enjoyed a little (or a lot) of turkey and stuffing while relaxing in the cold, sunny weather.

On Wednesday it was so warm and sunny that I was laying out sunbathing on the deck. I felt like a lizard soaking up rays of sun to get me through the cold times. Every morning we would wake up to frosty grass and snowy mountaintops peeking through the trees. Every day at lunchtime we would sit out on the deck enjoying the warm sun. And every night we curled up next to the fire or sat around the table playing board games. I loved knowing that the sun would be back the next day and that I could walk out into the bright sunlight every morning for my morning walk.

I think I'm going to have to make some more treks over the mountain this winter. I don't really mind the rain, but every once in awhile I just need to soak up some bright, snowy sunlight!


The Mulligan Family said...

We love Eagle Crest. Perfect place to visit during the winter; so gorgeous. Glad you had a good holiday weekend!
Cheers, Cindy

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