Monday, November 16, 2009

Downtown People Watching

One of my favorite activities in the whole world is people watching. Airports are great places for this, but since there isn't one close by, I usually get my fix downtown. Sunday afternoon I spent a few hours eating lunch, chatting with friends, getting a coffee, browsing the Book Bin, and people watching. And let me tell you, there are people to be watched around here.

One of my favorite places to people watch is at La Perla Tapatia in the Reed Opera House. It is up above the sidewalk level so you get a great view of all the people walking by below, plus you get a view out over the four corners of Liberty and Court Streets. Another great spot is the small Starbucks on the corner of Liberty and Court or the Beanery on Liberty. They both have bar seating that faces the window so you can watch the world go by.

Here are some of the highlights of my people watching on a lazy Sunday afternoon in downtown Salem:
  • A woman walking two large dogs that looked like they had dreadlocks
  • A young man hitting on every woman who walked in even though they were clearly out of his league
  • Three different couples on what looked like first dates
  • A couple with a baby spending 15 minutes deciding which stroller to use to go to the mall (they ended up carrying the baby).
  • My old neighbor entering the Book Bin (is this considered stalking if it happens accidentally while people watching??)
  • A very manly looking man who was walking a teeny-tiny dog wearing a sweater.
  • An older couple going out to lunch. She was in a wheelchair and he was so sweet and caring I wanted to cry.


KandN said...

I've wondered how the people watching would be from up there. :>)

Jennie said...

Perla Tapatia is one of my favorite people watching spots too.

Simple Simon said...

Another good spot with a bird's eye view is at Thai Orchid in the Liberty Plaza on the corner of Chemeketa and Liberty.

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