Friday, October 9, 2009

The School Calendar

So, guess what happens when there's an inservice day at Salem-Keizer Public Schools? Teachers go out to lunch. Pretty much all of them. Inservice and grading days are the only days of the school year when there is enough time to get out of the building and enjoy lunch with colleagues. It feels almost like playing hooky.

So, guess what happens when about about 3000 school employees descend on the restaurants of Salem for lunch on an inservice day? Yeah...a lot of busy restauraunts. Which is good for the restaurants except that they often aren't ready for an influx of extra customers and don't have the staffing for it.

The smart restaurants, and the ones located near schools, usually get a hold of the school calendar and plan extra staffing for the lunch rush. You can tell which restaurants haven't figured it out yet by their harried and bewildered looks. :)

A word to Salem restaurants out there: get a school calendar. This year's is available here.


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