Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blackberries Mmmmm!

My apologies on my lack of blogging this summer. I'm going to try to catch up and keep up now that my life is back to it's normal schedule.

Every summer I pick blackberries at Willamette Mission State Park. Until this summer. Someone on Facebook kept saying how great the blackberries were at the new Keizer Rapids Park, so I decided, hey, why not try something new. Another way technology is changing my life.
So I headed off to Keizer Rapids with a friend. Now, I've never actually been to this park before. If you haven't been there, it is quite a hidden gem. And I do mean hidden. You kind of have to either know where you're going or be ready for a little adventure. Things aren't exactly well marked. Most of the park is more like wilderness. Which is exactly how I like my parks, but can take a little of an explorer's heart to navigate.

So navigate we did. We finally picked a spot near the end of the frisbee golf circuit and picked our way along the paths. It was really beautiful out there. We ran across a beautiful swamp. Yes, I did say "beautiful swamp." It was full of wildlife and the frogs made beautiful music to pick blackberries by. :)

I'm not sure the pickings were as good as Willamette Mission, but there is no parking charge (I'm referring to the $3 parking fee for state parks) and it is less of a drive. It is also much more like being out in the wilderness. And I got PLENTY of berries for a beautiful blackberry cobbler using my grandmother's recipe. Delicious!
My blackberry pickings
Berry Pudding Cake made with my grandmother's recipe


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