Monday, August 24, 2009

Going to the Movies

So, I wanted to see a movie last weekend. This is actually quite an event for me. I might see two movies a year. I'm just not a big movie person. But, I had heard good reviews of the movie (500) Days of Summer. said it was playing at Santiam 11 on Lancaster, so off we went to the movies. I must say, every time I go to a movie, I am shocked at how expensive it is. And then, the food prices!! Good lord, I can't pay that kind of money for popcorn! Fortunately, I wasn't hungry since we went to dinner beforehand at the Ram. (I love their patio and their Amber Ale Chicken Burger, but that's a whole different post!)

When we get inside the theater I am surprised to find that there is a whole row of pre-teen boys behind us. Uhhhh...this is a PG-13 movie, but it is a romantic comedy drama and not exactly meant for kids. Technically they stayed through the whole movie, except for the 18 billion times they got up to go get refills or something!! Now I remember why I rarely go to the movies and when I do, I prefer to go to the evening shows at Northern Lights that are over 21 only.

So, if you want to know about the movie, I'll give you my opinion. Remember it did get quite good reviews. I just didn't find it very satisfying. Slightly depressing, a little contrived, and overall a disappointment for me. I'm sure that many people will find it interesting. It is basically a romance gone wrong, but from the guy's point of view. It does make some interesting points, but altogether I just felt like I've seen too much of that kind of stuff in real life to make it an interesting movie for me. It mostly made me sad to see that kind of self-delusion portrayed as romantic. Okay, so now you know about my cynical side. :)


KandN said...

I'm not all that crazy about theaters. But I do like going when you're with a crowd that seems to increase the enjoyment. Does that make sense? Sometimes when the crowd begins to laugh hard at something it makes you laugh harder, too.
Northern Lights is so popular. What a goldmine that turned out to be! I wonder if he still has plans to expand?

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