Monday, May 11, 2009

Salem Food Crawl

Our Salem Food Crawl started out at the downtown Willamette Noodle Company and moved to La Capitale, Napolean's, and Pete's Place (kitchen known as the Pioneer Grill).

Willamette Noodle Company on High Street. I actually prefer the atmosphere of the Broadway location and I hope they don't permanently move to this location. It is definitely bigger, but it's not nearly as cozy.

Garlic Cheesy Bread - Mmmm. The name says it all.

We walked down to La Capitale where we got seats at the bar with no wait.

We ordered the Aspargus and Goat Cheese Bread Pudding. It was a more eggy than bready and has more the consistency of an omelette than I was expecting, but it was delicious.

Of course we had to try the Pommes Frites for a little appetizer! Crispy, tasty and greasy. As all good fries should be!

The great bread that comes with the entree. Don't know what it is but the seeds and whatnot on the crust are really tasty.

We moved on over to Napolean's on Court Street in the Reed Opera House. I don't know when this place isn't busy!
The lads making the crepes

Our gelato selection. It is always changing and always good.
We ended up going over to Pete's Place to hang out for awhile and met some friends who had not yet eaten. The kitchen had closed except for the bar menu, so here is what they had.

A Chicken Ranch Wrap in a sundried tomato tortilla with fries. And good fries, to boot! We decided they beat out the La Capitale fries. If you don't believe me, you should do a comparison for yourself!

And this is what I call the Great Platter o' Fried Deliciousness!


lavachickie said...

What's Pete's like? I was there a few years ago with someone and it was awful! Then I read about how they were redecorating and changing to a sit down eatery and I thought, "What!?"

Gerri said...

I see it says crepes at Napolean's? Wonder what they're like? Been to French Press and the crepes not so good but the coffee is pretty good.

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