Monday, May 11, 2009

A Lovely Salem Weekend

The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect and I went to bed last night feeling like I had had a perfect weekend altogether.

Friday night I visited a friend and caught up a little, and then, since I was in the neighborhood, headed over to Winco to pick up a few groceries. Have you ever been to Winco on a Friday night? Seriously good people watching, let me tell you. Actually, Winco is good people watching most of the time. The woman behind me in line was yelling at someone on her bluetooth (which you couldn't see at first because her hair covered it, so it looked like she was just a crazy woman yelling at herself). She kept yelling, "Just go to Denny's and do not get in anyone's car."

Not sure what that was all about.

Then Saturday morning I went for a walk down at Minto Brown. There were lots of people and dogs out and about. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, although the air was still a bit cold. The paths are flooded in a couple of spots down by the river, but there was still plenty of space to walk.

I cut up four pounds of strawberries on Saturday afternoon. I had been lured in by the big pack of bright red strawberries at Winco the night before and decided I should prepare them for the week. Now I can eat strawberries for every meal!

After all that strawberry cutting I needed a nice Saturday afternoon nap. :)

Then it was sushi for dinner with friends at Sushi Kyo. Then a stop for gelato at Napolean's downtown and a drink at Venti's basement bar before heading to bed for a good night's sleep. Ahhh.

Sunday, I woke up late, went over to my sister's to babysit my cute little nieces. I got my arts and crafts on and we made Mother's Day cards.

Later, we went on a Sunday afternoon drive out to the Turner hills to check out some very fancy properties. If anyone is looking for a nice, quiet, country home there are a ton of places for sale out that direction and it's only about 15 minutes from downtown Salem. It is beautiful land out there and the fancy estates are mixed in with quaint little country homes.

We decided to stop for some pad thai at Thai Beer on the way home, which was fabulous. We split of plate of chicken pad thai and some salad rolls, which was just the perfect amount of food.

Perfectly Perfect.


KandN said...

That does sound like a lovely weekend!

Deb said...

Thank you for the Mother's Day cards you helped Heidi with. I love them!! And thanks for watching the girls!

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