Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buying Blinds at JC Penney

I purchased blinds for my kitchen window this weekend at JC Penney. I just have to say that I was very impressed with the staff in the window coverings department. They were very knowledgable and helpful. I had been in to ask for information the week prior and the saleslady informed me that they would be having a 70% off sale, starting on Wednesday. That is a huge savings, and as anyone who has purchased custom size blinds knows, they aren't cheap!

There are a lot of options when looking at window coverings, so I spent quite a bit of time picking her brain about the best options for my window situation. She thought of things like cord length, ability to reach the window, amount of darkness/light they let in, heat-saving options, and on and on. Being the saavy shopper that I am, I really appreciated her input on things which I wouldn't have thought of until, oops, I'd already bought and installed them!

So, because I was really happy with their service, I decided to let you all know. That's the kind of customer I am. Treat me right and I'll be your personal advertising service. Treat me wrong...and well, you know.


KandN said...

Several years ago, one of the people in the window coverings department at Penney's told us there wouldn't be a problem with a certain type of blind on our big picture window. We went home to measure and returned to order the next day. A different person was working (more experienced) who told us, "oh no! That won't work at all!" We were so glad she was there to warn us off. We don't buy such things very often, so it's good to have experienced help to prevent major mistakes.
Sounds like you had the good experienced help, too. :>)

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