Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who said there's nothing to do in Salem??

I'm so excited! I'm heading down in a little while to pick up my Ten Flix pass for the Salem Film Festival. So many films looked good that I couldn't resist. I don't really have time to watch as many as I would like, but I'm going to try to fit in at least 6. The great thing about the Ten Flix Pass is that you can share it with friends. It's just like a punch card. It turns out to be $6 per movie! That's way cheaper than a regular movie theater and you get some really great, high quality films for that price.

So I plan on seeing a film this afternoon with a friend, walking around downtown until we find something that looks delicious to eat, and then seeing another film in the early evening. Then I think we are going to top it off with a trip to the Roxxy for some blues music and a beer. And all this will probably cost less than $40. Seriously. Don't tell me there's nothing to do in Salem. It's out there if you just go out and find it.


KandN said...

I'm dying of curiosity here! How did the movies and Roxie go? :>)

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