Thursday, April 16, 2009

Salem Area Neighborhoods

So I offered to drive a friend around to different parts of town where she might want to live. She is moving here from the teeny, tiny little town of Amity and is a little scared to live in the big city.

She wants to live in a place where she feels safe at night when her husband is working nights. They are going to be renting as it is probably a temporary (2-3 year) thing. She also doesn't want to have to deal with a lot of crazy neighbors. So, those are her requirements. Anybody have any suggestions as to what parts of town I might show her? Or know of any rentals in a nice neighborhood?

I have a few areas in mind, but I'd appreciate any suggestions.


KandN said...

We happen to have a rental in our neighborhood that's just recently been offered. We love our neighborhood, but we do have a couple of interesting (not scary at all) characters. Also the proximity to downtown is a plus. I'll send you particulars in a more private way - if you don't mind. :>)

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