Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Weekend in Seattle

You know what I always forget about? Seattle. I forget how close it is. I forget how beautiful it is on a sunny day. I forget how it has a big city vibe, but a northwest feel. I forget that the drive isn't bad at all, unless it happens to be foggy/rainy/dark/ or any other common weather pattern around these parts.

But, fortunately, this weekend was one of the nicest fall weekends I can remember. So, I made my way up to Seattle. I left Saturday morning because I didn't want to drive in the dark and possibly the rain. (Does that make me sound old or what??) It was a nice drive. I listened to talk radio as I made my way up I-5.

Seattle was saturated with sun and crisp, fall air. The leaves were colorful, the water was bright and blue, and the air was crisp and warm at the same time. I wandered around downtown for awhile, waiting for my friends. Then one of my friends called me to inform me that he was in a protest that was headed downtown and I should meet up with them if I was in the area. So I drove that way until I found the roads blocked by the police, found parking, and walked over to join the protest. I didn't happen to ask what they were protesting, but it became quite clear as soon as I arrived. The rainbow flags and the "No on Proposition 8 signs" quickly gave it away. It was a rally against the passing of the ban on gay marriage in California. It was quite loud and noisy and there must have been a couple thousand people there. The square was packed, as were all the stores and malls surrounding it. Apparently a lot of protesters were hungry, cold, and had to use the restroom. :)

Finally, my other friend showed up and we ended up finding a little sushi place to grab a bite to eat during happy hour. It was called Dragon something and it was in the bottom of a hotel on Pike street. They had half rolls for $1.95 and $2.95. Not bad at all.

We walked back to my friend's apartment, spent some time talking and having a glass of wine and then met up with other friends for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. It was a nice meal. I had my favorite: Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes. It's actually an appetizer, but I always just eat it as a meal. There is plenty of food, believe me!

We were going to head out dancing, but due to someone's broken foot, we decided just to head back to the apartment for drinks and socializing. We turned up the music, mixed up some drinks, and chatted and laughed until we couldn't keep our eyes open any more (which for me was about 11:30!). I fell asleep on top of the covers, pretending to still be a part of the socializing, which I was totally not. I was fast asleep. Talk about being old. :)

But feeling up and awake for brunch at Julia's on Broadway and the drive home was well worth it for me. Happily, it was sunny again and the drive home wasn't bad at all. I did hit a traffic jam in Portland. It seems that an RV had turned over on its side on the bridge and everyone had to get off at the Rose Quarter exit and then get back on the freeway. The poor little old grandma and grandpa that were driving it were sitting forlornly on the median wrapped up in blankets, but at least they were alright.

Fortunately, the Rose Quarter exit is right by my favorite pedicure place! I love Vogue Nails on Broadway. They do the best pedicures, and the have such friendly staff. The atmosphere is relaxing and I always come away feeling relaxed and refreshed. It was a great stop for the middle of a long drive. I felt happy and pretty and was able to drive home just a little bit happier. :)


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looks good sorry I did not make it in two classes to day I was 15 min late

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