Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wine Country Trip

Well, I'm down in wine country this week, so things are a little slow here on the blog. Let me just tell you that the 8-9 hour drive from Salem to Sonoma County is well worth the trip. Especially when I hear it's raining up there, and I'm spending the day by the pool getting sunburned. :) Or valiantly trying not to get sunburned while still soaking up as much sun as possible to prepare for the long, rainy winter ahead.

The trip down here wasn't bad. It's completely doable in one day. Medford makes a good stopping point for a meal. Or Redding if you have a snack in the car on the way. If you need to get out and stretch there are some great rest stops with decent parklike areas, or you can stop at Lake Shasta if you need a real break and some outdoor time. Another option, which my sister and brother-in-law did on the way down, was to cut across to Hwy 101 at Grants Pass and come down through the redwoods. They said there were some pretty remote areas, but they got to see a lot of great sights.

So, if you have five to seven days, a drive down to wine country area is a great option for a relatively close to home trip. It's obviously not the kind of thing to do in a long weekend, but it's definitely driveable for a weeklong vacation like we're doing. It also helps if you like either wine or golfing as most of the activities around here seem to revolve around one of those two things. :)


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