Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Parking in Downtown Salem

If you don't come to downtown Salem very often, you may not know of all the new parking measures that have gone into effect. Salem uses parking attendants most likely trained by runaway Nazi guards that have settled in South America. NOTHING gets past them.

We now have a two hour parking limit for all street parking in Salem. That means if you park for two hours and 1 minute, you can expect to have a ticket. The parking Nazis have somehow figured out a system to keep track of every car in every parking spot in the entire downtown core from 9 am until 6 pm every day. And don't think you can fool them by moving a couple of slots down. Oh No. You must move your car to at least the next block if you would like to continue shopping and visiting in the downtown sector. Also, don't try to trick them by leaving, going to another part of town and then coming back to park in the same block an hour later!! Apparently, they don't yet have tracking devices on cars, so they claim to not be able to know if you have left and come back. I'm pretty sure they know. They just don't care.


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