Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Mural For the Community

A mural is taking shape in our community. For some time a group of mural activists have been looking for a spot to place a mural. They finally landed a spot on the side of the YMCA building on Cottage and Court Streets.

A few months ago Lynn Takata, an artist who works with community participatory art, started working to create a program that would eventually end in a mosaic mural on the side of the Y. There have already been lots of community workshops and there are more opportunities for everyone in the community to get involved.

Lynn was at our neighborhood meeting last night and showed us some of the rough drafts for the mural. It looks like its going to be very beautiful. So far it looks like it will include trees and a river with lots of detail worked into them so that it is interesting to look at close up as well as from the street.

Here is the website for the project if you would like to get involved.

They are also still looking for donations to help complete the project and will soon have a Paypal button on their site. Until then, you can make donations to the project through the YMCA. Just make sure your donation is designated for the peace mural.


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Hi Rebekah - you won my giveaway! Yup, if you're still interested you get to read my new novel before it's published. Need your email to send you the pdf. You can use the contact form on my publishing site if you want to send it privately.

BTW, this mural thingie is SO exciting! We just can't wait until we can move up to our MCM house in Salem!!

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