Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Downtown Late at Night? Hope You're Not Hungry.

You know what's missing in downtown Salem? Well, okay, I know a lot of you will come up with a laundry list as soon as you read that question. But really. You know what is seriously missing? Late night food options. The only thing you can find downtown after about 10 PM is greasy bar food from the fryer.

Now, I have nothing against greasy bar food once in awhile, but sometimes I'd like some other options.

I was downtown with a friend last Friday night and we had a couple drinks and then decided we needed some food. We searched the streets and bars of Salem for someplace with a decent late night menu. Even a sandwich or nachos would have made us happy, but everywhere we went, they told us the kitchen was closed down except for the fryer.

Very frustrating indeed.

I know La Perla is sometimes open late, but by the time we thought of that it was just before closing. We also did not check The Brick, but perhaps someone knows if they have a decent late-night menu.

You know what we really need downtown? Late night food carts! I'd like a grilled cheese cart and a nacho cart, please. And perhaps a good BBQ cart would be nice as well.


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