Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Go-to Places

What are your go-to places for dinner/drinks in Salem? When a friend asked for happy hour ideas the other day, the first three places I thought of were La Capitale, Venti's, and Boon's. Those are kind of my go-to places, I guess. I never really thought about it before, but I started to wonder what made those my go-to spots. All I really know is that I feel happy and comfortable in each of those places. Of course there are many other spots I love around town - f/stop Fitzgerald, Pete's Place, Sushi Kyo, La Margarita Express, Thai Beer, Vietnam Restaurant, etc, etc.

But when put on the spot, my first three spots were La Cap, Venti's, and Boon's. And I know I'm not the only one who loves these places. Tell me, friends and Salemites, why do I love them so much?

By the way, we ended up at Venti's, drinking Anthem's Cherry Cider. OMG. Just try it. That's all I can say.


KandN said...

LOVE that Cherry Cider! One thing I notice when I go to Venti's is that receipt. Always a good deal as well as good eats. :>)

Amber said...

That Cherry Cider was good. And pretty. The bottom line at Venti's is good and I always feels like I have eaten healthier than I would at our other happy hour stops. :)

Mike Perron said...

Word of Mouth has a very nice happy hour from 1-3 pm. That doesn't work for many folks unless you're a contractor, like me. ;)

solarjinx said...

I used to be in love with Ringo's. Their happy hour always put a smile on my face and a beer in my belly.

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