Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Decor at Love Love Teriyaki

Love Love got a makeover! I stopped by the Love Love Teriyaki (near the Fred Meyer North) yesterday and saw that they have new booths. They still have mostly tables and chairs, but now they have added booths along the one wall. It looks really cozy and nice. They also had new menus on the wall behind the counter and a giant flat screen TV scrolling through pictures of their food items. It looks really nice and classy. AND...they still have the same great food. Mmm, I love love me some Love Love!

I would have taken pictures, but I locked my camera in my car along with my keys, so I was more worried about getting that taken care of than my photographic responsibilities. Sorry!


KandN said...

The last two times we've had their food (take-out), N has brought home a curry rice dish with chicken. I was glad to see a nice addition to my other favorites. :>)

The Mulligan Family said...

We love Love Love! Since we're out south, that is the one we frequent most. Excellent food, fantastic value for the price. They are a fab restaurant!

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