Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sick in Salem

Well, folks! Looks like it's that time of year again. Time for sickness all around. I seem to get one bad cold about this time of year and then (hopefully) I stay well for most of the rest of winter. We'll see how it goes this year since they're promising a bad bout of the flu this season.

I got my yearly cold on Sunday. It came on strong Sunday night and had me down for a couple days. I decided, out of regard for my coworkers, to take off two days of work so I didn't infect them. Wasn't that nice of me?? :)

I went out Sunday afternoon as I felt the bug coming on and picked up some food from Vietnam Restaurant on Center Street. I got some chicken Pho, since I hear chicken soup is good for a cold, and I picked up my favorite dish, #14 Grilled Pork and Shrimp Bun salad just for good measure. I didn't really have much food at home and I knew I needed some good, comforting food. And it was good. And it was comforting.

The other thing I did while sick was run over to the Grocery Outlet for some avocados (surprisingly delicious!) and chips because of my current obsession with guacamole. It's like I have some kind of avocado deficiency which is causing a serious craving! While I was there, I picked up some frozen beef, marinated in tequila and lime and made a delicious crockpot meal with veggies and beef. Normally, I'm not that hungry when I'm sick, and even though I wasn't that hungry during this one, I really felt like cooking and eating comfort food.

It's a good thing I have so many good food options close by. There's nothing like some good comfort food when you're feeling low.


Jennie said...

Feeling better yet? I'm still up then down.

KandN said...

I have a couple of recipes I have to stay away from this time of year. The kind of bad for me comfort food that I can't stop myself from eating--huge helpings and then seconds. What is it about this time of year??
Hope you're all better soon!

Rebekah said...

Thanks for the good wishes! I'm pretty much back to normal except for a cough now and then.

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