Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Roxxy's New Vibe

Well, folks, there's a new dance club in town. I, for one, was very sad to hear that the new Roxxy would not continue with the great music that Lefty's did, but apparently it's hard to pack the house when you are booking bands, so they decided to try the dance club routine.

The great news? Comedy nights are still twice a month on Thursdays and the food is still pretty decent for a club/bar. They aren't packing the house yet, but I think that's because people don't know about them. Saturday there was an article about clubbing in Salem in the Statesman which should help get the word out.

Friday night I went out with some friends for some music and dancing and we decided to check it out. It had nice atmosphere, great music (some old, some new, mostly pop/hip-hop/R&B, and all quite loud!), and great service. It will be good to see if the service continues to be so good as they get busier, but for the most part, it seemed well-run. A lot of the same employees who used to run Moonbaker were part of the show, so they should know what they're doing.

I felt the prices were pretty low to average for drinks in Salem. We didn't order any food on Friday night because it was late and we had gone out to dinner earlier. I ordered wine, another friend ordered a beer, and another two friends had cocktails. Everyone was happy with their drinks, even me, and I know better than to order wine in a dance club. I actually asked the waitress only to bring me the wine if the bottle hadn't been open for days and she laughed and said they used small, one serving bottles. :)

There were only a few other people there throughout the night as well as some that came and went after short stays. It certainly wasn't packed, but it looked like the word might be getting out. I'm sure it will start filling up soon.

While we were there, they mentioned that they had a Happy Hour from 7-9 pm every night where everything in the house is half-price. Wow! I decided to try it out on Saturday night with a couple other friends. We showed up a little after 7 pm and asked if that was still the deal. Sure enough. So we ordered drinks and some Roxxy Fries with cheese and bacon topping. Mmmm. :)

The fries were a huge portion, the drinks were strong, but not overpowering (well-mixed) and the server was friendly and prompt. Our entire bill came up to $12 at the end of our snack. Happy Hour indeed! I did notice that this happy hour was not advertised. I do wonder if it is just temporary to get people introduced to the new place. At any rate, it was very good, the music wasn't too loud to talk (as it had been the night before after 10) and the atmosphere was fun. I would definitely go back to try their pizza.


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