Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Sushi in Salem

I'm very excited about the news of a new sushi restaurant coming to downtown Salem. It's called Sushi Mania and it should be located near La Capitale on High St. I'm not sure when it's opening, but I can't wait to try it out.

Of course, I still love Fuji Ricetime and Sushi Kyo, but I just think that Salem has been lacking in options for sushi. Sometimes those places are busy, or out of the way, or whatever and it will be nice to have another sushi option in downtown Salem. I certainly don't think that it is going to hurt the business of the other restaurants although it is very close to Fuji Ricetime. I have heard it is going to be a conveyor belt style restaurant, more similar to the Sushi Kyo out off Lancaster. That's a totally different atmosphere than Ricetime, so I can't see it being any real competition. Maybe Salem could actually start a Sushi District and have tons of sushi options in close range!
Hey, if it works for flower districts and fashion disctricts, why not sushi?

Anyway, I think we are long overdue for more sushi options around here, and sushi isn't getting less popular. At least according to my unscientific polls using the highly technical skill of counting how long the waits are for a table in a sushi restaurant.

If anyone know any more info about this place and it's opening date, please let me know.


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