Friday, July 24, 2009

A New Portland Spot

So, I ended up driving up to Portland last week. That seems to happen a couple times a month. Between friends, the airport, and events happening in Portland, I seem to make plenty of trips to the northland.

After wandering around the Pearl District for awhile, I realized that it was beautiful and classy, but mostly out of my price range. So I decided to head over to Alberta Street and check out the restaurants over there.

We ended up choosing a place called The Hilt on Alberta and 29th. It looked cool and inviting so we decided to check out their menu. Oh. My. God. It was so good. The menu prices were something you would expect from a pub. Burgers were $7-10 and entrees were $8-12. But here's the thing: the food was all expertly prepared by a Greek chef who made everything himself except the kalamata olives and the tomato paste. He told us so himself when he came out to make sure our spanakopita appetizer and fettucine with mushroom and rosemary cream sauce entree were to our liking. Hell, yeah, they were! :) Then he told us that they had only opened the day before. Well, if they were making food this good on the second day, I'm definitely going back.

Seriously, this place has really good food. At least the two items we tried. I also ordered a glass of wine and our whole meal (shared, but plenty for a light meal for two) came up to $18. For the same types of food that you would expect to pay $25 or more for in a restaurant in downtown Portland.

So, if you find yourself up the freeway, looking for a delicious bite to eat, head on over to Alberta St. (Take the Killingsworth Exit off I-5) and enjoy a delightful meal at the Hilt.


KandN said...

Sounds delicious! What a find! I wonder why they named it the Hilt? Makes me think of a knife. Well, okay, that makes sense.

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