Monday, July 13, 2009

The Meridian Condominiums in Salem

After the last foray into the townhouses being built behind Salem Cinema on Broadway, I was duly impressed with their style and space. We decided to check out some of the other condos being built around town as a comparison.

First we went to The Rivers, but although their office was open, no one was there. We waited a few minutes and then decided to head over to The Meridian for a tour. The outside of the building was beautiful as anyone who has driven by can clearly see. I have been admiring in for months myself and was anxious to see the inside.

I was quite disappointed. Not that it wasn't beautiful. It's just that it felt dark and sort of like an over-priced hotel. It's the kind of place that is supposed to feel rich and luxurious, and to some it might be just perfect. For me, it felt like a little too much. The condos aren't all finished, but the ones we saw seemed like they lacked windows(probably because only one side is open to the outside unless you have a corner unit), and were poorly laid out. In one the entryway probably took a good 100-200 square feet out of the 1000 or so sq. ft. allotted. It just seemed like a waste of space.

Okay, here are the good points, even though it wasn't to my liking. There was lots of storage space throughout and each unit has a storage unit deeded to it as well. The floors are not solid wood, but have a veneer that can be sanded and refinished. All the walls are moveable, so you could remodel your unit or have it laid out differently if you get there before they finish the units. It is very well inusulated from road noise even though it is on a busy street. Also, it is a secure unit with locking elevators.

As I said, it wasn't quite my style, and I felt a little hemmed in when I was inside The Meridian, but you should check it out for yourself, if you are interested. At least 13 of the units have sold, so apparently they are perfect for some people. Personally, I'd rather spend my $230,000 to $1.5 million somewhere else. HA. :)


KandN said...

I heard pretty much the same thing from Debbie at Santiam Wine Co. She said her customers have come in and shared about the level of the windows--from a couch perspective and the shape of rooms for practical layout of furniture, among other things. Sad!
Lise was impressed by what she saw at the Church St. condos. Can't remember details now.
Ps. they may have found an apt.(woo hoo!)

Rebekah said...

I liked Church St. too. I'm going to do another post on those. Much, much better. I'm so glad for L. Hope it works!

Sharon said...

I absolutely agree.. I did the Meridian tour during the tour of homes and was not impressed. They spent most of their $ on the exterior and skimped on the interior. The units are dark and tiny and in my opinion, overpriced!

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