Monday, July 6, 2009

The Lancaster Dancing Lady

Do you know this woman? She stands on the corner of Lancaster and Silverton with a sign for a shoe sale almost every day.

Let me rephrase that: she dances on the corner of Lancaster and Silverton. I can't believe how much energy this woman has. She's all smiles and waves and fun little dance moves. Pure entertainment.

I have noticed a steep increase in the number of sign-wavers advertising businesses lately. Is it the economy perhaps? It's pretty good advertisement for a local business. Perhaps it's cheaper than radio or newspaper spots.

Whatever it is, it has given this dear, dancing lady a job and she sure looks like she's happy in it.


Salem Man said...

I've noticed an increase in sign activity out there, especially in Albany. It's great to see the enthusiasm.

KandN said...

I like the dancing. How many of us can get the benefits of aerobic exercise while doing our job? :>)

lavachickie said...

When I came here four years ago, I was blown away by how many sign holders are employed. Seriously... you just NEVER see this in the midwest. At least you didn't at the time I moved. I've done the math, sometimes -- the amount paid by mattress stores and furniture sellers and others to multiple people standing on street corners... does it really pay off? It must.

There used to be a guy on the corner of Lancaster and Center that was for the mattress seller in that strip mall that is mostly empty now. This guy JAMMED. I mean he had the moves, and he worked it the entire time -- every single time I saw him. He made me smile! Never made me buy a mattress, mind you, but it always made my day.

I wanted to do a little interview with him for a freelance article. But the moment I set my mind to doing that... he disappeared.

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