Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Weather in Salem

Okay, did this weekend feel like summer or what? It gave me the urge to go camping, hiking, boating and all those fun summer things. I did end up going to a barbecue at a friend's house, walking across the Union St Bridge (with what felt like about 200 other people!), and hanging out at the boat launch at Wallace Marine, drooling over even the tiniest, rustiest boat. It's just the time of year that I feel the need to be out on the water. Maybe I should get a rubber raft. :)


lavachickie said...

Why not? You gotta start somewhere! But seriously, there are very low cost options. If you want to just paddle around in small pods and lakes, you might want to try an inflatable kayak. They aren't speed demons, and can be tough to use on moving water like a river, but we LOVE our inflatables (from West Marine, had them for about five years now) and they are a blast. You can get into it pretty cheaply thanks to the plethora of options from most boatmakers available. Alas, with Joe's gone, I don't know of any place that has a good selection on hand to view. Look online.

KandN said...

It was wonderful, wasn't it? :>)

Your boat comment reminded me of when we ate at Eola Inn and witnessed a big group of people in a small skiff motoring along the water's edge. N and I were so sure one person in the party would make an unfortunate move and it would all be over. It was less stressful watching the fish seeking Osprey and all the waterskiers.

Rebekah said...

Thanks for the tips lavachickie. I'll have to look around and see what I can find. Maybe a canoe or kayak would be a good idea. And I'll try not to overfill it with all my friends and family, K. :) That sounds a little frightening for me. I'm a weenie when it comes to falling in!

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