Friday, May 8, 2009

First Wednesday in May

Well, here are a few pictures from a nice, sunny First Wednesday Celebration in May. It wasn't the most well-attended First Wednesday I've ever seen, but some of the locations were pretty happening. We stopped by Alessandro's on Commerical St. for the art show put on by CASA and then headed over to the Wild Pear for a snack of Blue Cheese Dip with Pears.

Wild Pear on State Street

Their delicious coffee!

Blue Cheese Dip with Pears and Baguette

We also stopped by the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery. All of the spots we stopped were bringing in quite a bit of traffic.

People with the Progressive Film Series handed out their listing for this month's film, which is about stem cell research. I'm looking forward to that and will try to post a review here for people who don't get to see it.

There was lots of music, art, good food, and...interesting people at this First Wednesday and I am excited to see more people out and about at the next few as the weather gets better.
Street Artist

Grateful Ted with the Clown

And...Grateful Ted's Van


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