Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chickens in Salem?

I went to the city council last night to support chickens. Yep. I said it. I support chickens. I don't even want chickens right now, but someday I think I might, and when that day comes, I would like to be able to own chickens legally.

Actually, I lived in Scandinavia for awhile and the people I lived with had a nice little coop with about six hens. The hens ate leftover scrap food, ate the bugs in the yard, laid nice fresh eggs, and yes, eventually ended up in stew.

It's just common sense to me to allow people to have small farm animals, as well as domesticated pets.

And the people involved in CITY are about the most organized group of volunteer advocates I have ever seen. They have their ducks in a row (yes, I see the pun) and they can back up their statements with research. I sure hope the city listens to this group and takes their advice on chicken ownership.

There were probably about 50 people at the City Council meeting, including quite a few families with children, that showed up to stand in support of Chickens in the Yard. Listen up City of Salem, your people would like chickens!


KandN said...

It suddenly occurred to me - maybe that's why a young child was wearing a felt chicken on his head at the Awesome 3000. Showing his support of "Chickens in Salem"?
Shake a leg, Salem! Stop laying around in your comfortable nests! Let's scramble and hatch this idea!

queen bee said...

Do you stand up for roosters too? Cause I am currently fighting with my neighbor over his rooster that starts crowing at 3am every morning, making it impossible for the entire neighborhood to sleep ;)

Rebekah said...

Absolutely not roosters. Or peacocks. Or anything else that makes loud, annoying sounds early in the morning. Like sirens. I do not support such things as I dearly love my sleep and my quiet time. :)

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