Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Apparently this town is full of lawbreakers

Did anyone head over to Riverfront Park over these past few beautiful days? Did anyone head down to the end of the park where the new Railroad bridge will soon be opening? Did you happen to notice the hordes of people pleasantly strolling and biking right past the "No trespassing," "You will be fined," "This area monitored by camera" signs? Because I did. Now, I'm not admitting to any guilt here myself. :) I'm just saying there was no stopping people from that bridge once the sun came out.

I can see that it is going to be extremely popular. Especially on nice, sunny, summery days like the last few we've had. I will admit that I got a lot of walking in this weekend. In and around Salem there are some beautiful walking trails and areas. I even made it up to the Wheatland Ferry area and walked on some of the trails around Willamette Mission Park.

Just a little tip for you in this economic crisis. Did you know that if you park at the Ferry the parking is free, but it costs the $3 daily fee to park inside the park itself?

Note: Apparently the roadside parking is free. The parking lot is still part of the park. Still, there's plenty of roadside parking.


KandN said...

That's a good tip - regarding the ferry parking. Thanks!
You never did confess . . .

Rebekah said...

And I never will... :)

Friends of Two Bridges said...

Be law-breakers no more!

The bridge was so popular it was silly to keep it closed - so, you know, that's the kind of problem you like to have!

The Grand Opening is still on for April 18th at 10am, so come on down to see the ribbon cutting, enjoy some snacks and celebration, and see the historic markers that will be unveiled!

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